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Make this catchy, easy to remember domain name the starting point of your website project.

Not a rediculous lease but a true transfer of my registration to you for a very reasonable price.

$ 400 for BOTH names! - Why So Affordable?

Long ago .com, .net and .org were about thew only suffixes available for domain names. Over the decades
countless new uffix designations such as .info, .tv, dot whatever now has led to a bit of iminished exclusivity
for anty names as it is easy to register the same name with any of these countless newer suffix tags.
Then, the search engines do not rely as heavily on the domain name as they once had.  Now here are
the meta details, headline sizes (H1, H2 etc) and they even cobnsider the number of years you have your
name registered for towards their search rankings.  These changes have not dimished the value of using an
appropriate name for yor site nor of the value of the good old .com names but the changes have
made the rediculout $12,000 or $5,000 or $2000 domain name prices a bit more difficlt to justify een
though most people are either unaware of or simply suspicious of most opf the newer suffix tags.

How It Works

I am not a bbroker, nor a corporation.  I am just an individual located in Denver, Coloradfo, who occassionally buys domain names.
I both use then and occassionally sell them.
I usually register my domain names using Hover.com.  That is where I have this name re4gistered.  When someone buys a name
it starts with an email contact to me, Ed, at SpotonNames@Gmail.com.  If you chose to include your phone number I call you back
and we can talk about the further details. We can also just communicate via email if you like.   
You will first need a domain name registrar to use if you do not have one olready.  Hover.com is great but there are many, others. Any
of them, like GoDaddy or NamesCheap will work.  
When I receive PayPal payment, I notify my registrar that it is OK to transfer this domain name to you at your registrar.   you will need
to pay your regtistrar for registering tisname for a ne, two, thrree year of whatever other time frome you like.

No games.  No lease  For $400 I transfer my right to regisrter this great domain name to you.  Very imple. Very fast.